August 16th type of Scorpio

My daily horoscope agrees. Lately I’ve been nervous and busy in my head lately. I blame PMS, but it could also be something in the air. I wish I could express my random depressed feelings when they come up. But, they’re usually cured or distracted with food and sweets. At work I’ve been constantly finding things to o to keep myself busy.  Cleaning, organizing, so that I don’t get irritated. From 12 to 2 the time blows by. From 2 to 5 I want to scream. I’ve been watching a movie on my phone. I’ve memorized all the lyrics to the songs that play on 101.9 and 103.5. At first I couldn’t figure out the password to login into the computer and I didn’t know if I could type this up. I have to find my stamps to send my tax forms because I really don’t want to by more when I had like 10 fresh ones.

I miss my girlfriend and my mom. More importantly, I miss my dad because I haven’t spoke to him or seen him in a while and I don’t want him to feel forgotten or like don’t care about him. Just like I don’t want my best friend to feel used by me. Emotions have been flying lately like I said. I realized what I have to do vs. what I want vs. what I should do. The right thing. Inevitably things will always change. Things will never go to the way  please and I can’t control that. I only control what makes me happy and sad. And right now, I would just like something good to eat but I refuse to go for break. I guess that’s not really putting my happiness first. I have to submit timesheet for this week and I should’ve sent those transcripts a long time ago (earlier in the week).


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