Dragon flies.

We were talking about bugs; how they’re different from us and unique in body form compared to animals, yet similar in that our hearts and brains are in separate places. But what if our hearts and brains were in the same boat? Not only does that rarely happen, I wonder how much harder it would be to love someone. Or how easy it would be to make any decision. “Follow your heart and listen to your mind.”


In other words, don’t ignore your conscience and know the meaning behind your heart palpitations. You can’t over think love because it comes and goes. But you can over love yourself, even someone else…As long as they’re in-tune with both voices at once too. I think that’s why are main organs are in separate places: we’d be too stressed to handle all the emotional thought processes that our brain and heart travel through daily, at once.

And what if we could? How much more free, efficient and loving could we fully be as humans? Are we able to center ourselves while surrounded by constant overwhelming streams of consciousness and turn-taking heart break?

…Maybe thats why our future selves have larger heads and brains overall, to connect on a level we can’t reach with our diminished intellectual capacity.


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