Daily basis.

It feels good knowing there’s nothing to keep track of or constantly have to check. It feels good to not have the urge to want to post, or like, or tweet. My mind is at ease knowing that nothing even matters, because it really doesn’t.

Your mental is what you make it. If you’re all about whats in your phone, not necessarily the phone itself, but what you do on it all day…that’s all you’re gonna think about, that’s all you’re gonna talk about and that’s all you’re’ gonna do. You know how you’re in that deep text message zone when you’re typing? Most of the time you’re losing focus of what is important. Imagine your brain being stuck like that every time you pick up your phone and use your apps because this is pretty much what we’re turning into in our society: conforming, robotic, wanna-be socialites.

I realize the government just wants to control us, track us, distract us from all the bullshit and take back all our (their) money, but what if we all dropped our phones forever. Remember, when you don’t know your history you’re bound to repeat it and a lot of people can’t even recall what it was like before they had a cell phone, or even imagine what is like before there were cell phones at all. Personally I think we all deserve to learn how to do without the most. Without little things for us to do on our phones, without anything to post and somewhere to post it, its kind of boring isn’t it? Has life become that dead without our phones that we can’t have non-technological, sober FUN?

Tune in on social media to find out.


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