Its nice to have the day to yourself and be able to forget it by going to sleep and starting over again. Sundays are the Mondays that people want to have. I’ve never felt so lost or words. Looking out the window, watching trees blow in the window and the sunshine beam onto the parked cars, I realize its only Sunday. Sundays are meant for innocent thoughts and actions. Brain relaxation and re-cooperation for the next week. It doesn’t even feel like the weekend I don’t have weekends anymore, I never knew how much I appreciated a Sunday, or what Sunday stood for. But now I know that today its okay for my mind to wander a lot, to be lost for words. Everyone should have a good Sunday, like a good Friday. Today is not meant to be negative. The sun comes out on Sunday, even though its pouring rain. People forget that Saturday night was last night and Monday morning is tomorrow. Sunday is preparation. As my thoughts flow onto the keyboard I also forget what I want to say as it blows in the wind. The beauty of earth and life on Sunday is so intriguing. Its beautiful to know the day exists for everyone and tomorrow it doesn’t matter because its going to be new.


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