Sadness and happiness co-exist right? So its either one or the other. And its not wrong to feel one, or the other.

Instead of focusing on my notifications on apps and work, I started to pay more attention to my insides. I started to learn about my feelings and that they’re normal. Its okay to let it out and embrace being myself, instead of constantly trying to control and change it. What ever happens, happens. Instead of my conscience talking at me and making me feel weak like I needed to learn how to get over things faster…I was able to make myself relax and tell myself its alright to feel the way that I do and its not my fault. I’m not against myself anymore. When things don’t go the right, or “planned” way, it seems like things would get even more blurry from my point of view. I couldn’t see the light in those things. I always focused on how or what I couldn’t see instead of what was visible and how I felt about it. I teaching myself to breathe and accept all the change because nothing can ever be the same as it was last time and nothing is perfect.

Neither am I. I don’t distract myself to avoid it all anymore, I acknowledged my thoughts and practice letting go of them mentally instead of just emotionally pushing them away, “Don’t worry Jasmine, it’ll be okay.”


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