Hello world.

Occasionally you come across a pen and paper and you start to write a bunch of crap. I usually throw it out or just scratch it out and quit. It never really occurs to you, or me, that our thoughts and ideas are actually valuable information. Whether it be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, or the most fantastic thing, it seems like that piece of whatever you have to share is relevant to the world around us. As long as you’re thinking, you’re alive and your being-ness is irreplaceable on this planet because no one else will have the exact same thoughts as you. At some point they could be similar, similar in conception and time, but that just means you have to spit it out first. Never stop your brain from flowing, you might wanna stop your tongue at some point, but it is good to just speak your mind as well. It is good to set your mind free from contraption because all your words really do is wander unless you open your mouth, or start to type.


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